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Mar 10

The progression of Meyers Leonard

By CamCripps3
Meyers Leonard entered the league on draft night as 7'1 athletic Center, a frame which is hard to not love, but may struggle with the physicality of the solid big men of the NBA. This essentially has been a situation where Meyers commits a number of early fouls as he gets a feel for his opponent and the game surrounding him. At times Meyers would look lost out on the court at both ends of the floor but especially of defense, noticeably frustrating coach Terry Stotts. Confidence is so important to Meyers you can tell by looking at him from the T.V set. At times he is too harsh on himself and very critical of his own game, the type or guy that will rise when the crowd gets behind him.

Averaging 4.6 ppg, 3.3 rpg Meyers at times will provide big and productive minutes off the bench, and other times quick, consecutive fouls and looking uncomfortable out on the court. However in recent outings Meyers has reached the double-digit scoring mark on multiple occasions with a high field goal percentage, but more importantly contributed to the team on both ends of the floor.

Developing a post game would see more involvement in the Portland offense and spark his career on the big stage. Always looking for ways to improve his game Meyers Leonard is no doubt a confidence player and feeds off energy and support from his teammates in order to feel he belongs in the NBA.


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