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Feb 28

players see future potential?

By gbrock14

This is a very hard season to watch as a Blazers fan. I love this team and I really believe that we have something going, but it is not showing up in the win column. Our starting 5 is one of the best in the leagues. Every single guy can score 20 any night and be a big asset to any team. The problem is that the game is longer than 20 minutes. I have never seen a Blazers bench this weak in the scoring department. As fans we have been patient for so long, and as soon as we something good (Roy, Oden) it is just taken away. I understand that patience will pay off on day, we are not doomed, but I am sick of waiting. I see some real promise in Lillard and Batum but are the players willing to wait. The problem I have with professional sports is that a lot of players are not loyal. I will always be a Blazers fan and will never change, but if players are not winning or do not like their contract they will leave. Will this happen with this young Blazers team, or are our players really committed to becoming a team? If we continue to struggle will LA be willing to stick around and help create and strong dynasty or would he want to sell out, go make a lot of money and play for an already established team? I am a little worried, but I am hoping that our players can see the big picture and not just the losses that are coming right now. There are great things in our future, I hope that our team understands this and will continue to grow into a real powerhouse. 


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