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Nov 13

The Unspoken Truth

By RipCityRevival Posted in: RudyFernandez, GregOden, MartellWebster
    Great things happened on Wednesday against the Wolves for this Blazer team. Granted, it was the Wolves and the heaviest lifting has yet to be done by this talented and young team, but I was impressed by the statistics I saw. Automatically I was impressed by Oden's 18 pts 11 rebs and 0 fouls, but as I studied the Box Score I became more excited about some of the other stats by other players. The biggest of which were Rudy Fernandez and Martel Webster. 

    It appears that in all the Oden hussel, we missed the fact that through the beginning of this entire season Martel and Rudy have been struggling from the field. The two guys who were expected to be deadliest from outside have produced little through the beginning of the regular season aside from a few highlight worthy dunks and passes and solid defense. Wednesday's game appeared to have allowed them to find their rythm. 

    Prior to Wednesday, Rudy was 9/28 from beyond the arc. He was shooting a combined 18/45 from the field. Wednesday, Rudy was 4/4 from three and 5/7 overall. Rudy scored his second highest points on the season so far, but it was by far his best shooting game, and you can't credit that to the lack of T-Wolf defense because most of Rudy's missed threes have been open shots. He seems to be getting into his groove and Blazer fans get ready for him to start showing more of what we saw last year and then some. 

    As for Martel, he has shot 9/25 from behind the arc which was slightly better than Rudy. However, he shot a combined 19/52 from the field. On Wednesday he only shot 2/5 from behind the 3 but he shot an overall 5/9 from the field. Granted, it was against the Wolves, but he too has been open and simply needed to knock down his shots. 

    I like what is happening with this Blazer team. I like this small line-up. Now I do believe that it will not be useful against the elite teams in the Western Conference. They are just too big for this team to match up defensively, but to have this in the arsenal and to build up the confidence in these young players, it will be key. The Blazers are doing what they need to do and winning the the games they SHOULD win. They need to use these games as a chance to really get into their rythms so they can peak when it is time to play the more difficult teams in the NBA. 

    Once again, congrats to Oden for staying out of foul trouble and good job running that break. I really need to breathe a sigh of relief though and hope this new production from Rudy and Martel can carry over because they will both get open shots and it looks as though those will now be going in which is big news for the rest of this team.

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