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Trail Blazers Newspapers

By Sportlandia
Hello everyone!

First of all, welcome to the Sportlandia Blog!  Here we'll be posting extra things from the show, bonus interviews, videos, etc.  

On the episode for February 14th (watch here), we had a "show and tell" type of session, with an amazing collection of copies of The Oregonian.  They were from important dates in Trail Blazers history and we just wanted to share a few more of the pictures here.

I love Trail Blazers memorabilia and have a pretty good collection myself.  But, these newspapers do not belong to us.  If you have any pictures or Blazers "artifacts" you'd like to share, please do so in the comments!  Or, you can always send the show an email to

The Oregonian - June 6th, 1977 -Trail Blazers Championship

The Oregonian - June 6th, 1977 -Blazermania Inside Pages

13 years later.
The Oregonian - June 6th, 1990 -Sabonis

The Oregonian - February 26th, 1991 -Jerome Kersey Feature

The Oregonian - March 26th, 1991 -Blazers Bench Feature

The Oregonian - May 25th, 1992 -Western Conference Champs.

Special thanks to Dan Clark and Scott Dally for sharing these with us!  If you'd like to purchase archives from The Oregonian, here are the links: 1861-1987  1987-Present.

-Greg Nibler


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