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Jan 31

Batum MRI Negative

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Nicholas Batum hurt his wrist during practice nearly two weeks ago.  He fell on it attempting a dunk during practice.  X-ray results at that time were negative.  He had struggled with it since and reaggrivated it from game time wear and tear.  During the game with Dallas Tuesday, he wore a thick tape wrap shown in the picture above.  Through out the game with the Mavs, Nic winced noticably after shots, and even missed 2 late game free throws in a row.

Batum had an MRI today and the results came back negative.  I heard the report from 1080 The Fan.  Good news for Blazer fans as Portland heads into a critical home/at home set versus the Utah Jazz.  Batum is probably for the road game Friday in Utah.

This will be Portland's first meeting with Utah this season, and they have an opportunity to move from 9th place in the Western Conference to 7th with 2 wins.  Every game is critical, but these games against teams like Houston, Dallas, and Utah are huge.  Winning this series could very well mean the difference between earning a playoff birth, or going fishing at the end of the regular season.


  1. After watching him in the utah loss last night although I know these are important games, I wonder if he should be playing injured and if it's actually hurting the team. He's obviously not on his game with the injury. I know we don't really have a backup for him but over the big picture is it worth the risk?

    by riverman on 2/2/2013 9:32 AM
  2. It was painful to watch. And wes going out with a sprained ankle... just brutal. The poor shooting is so frustrating, and the lack of bench production is simply painful. Adding insult to injury, Portland keeps allowing so many in-the-paint points, and high FG% for much of the game.

    by Blazer Fanatic on 2/2/2013 1:07 PM
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