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On The Clock With LaMarcus Aldridge

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This past Media Day, I was fortunate enough to be able to sit down and interview the Trail Blazers and Head Coach Terry Stotts ... But these aren't your average, run-of-the-mill basketball questions. Without further ado, here is the next installment of "On The Clock" with LaMarcus Aldridge.

What's your favorite place to eat in Portland?

LaMarcus Aldridge: Henry's for a chill night.

What's your least favorite food?

LA: Sushi

The snack food you can't live without is...

LA: Fresh Fruit, Pineapples, Oranges (Ed Note: This one kind of stumped LA as I got the feeling he doesn't really snack as he asked if fruit was a suitable answer.)

If you didn't attend Texas, where would you have played college basketball at?

LA:North Carolina (Ed Note: LaMarcus said one reason for UNC were those Carolina blue uniforms.)

What's your favorite pair of Jordan's?

LA: White And Black Space Jams

Who is the one former NBA Legend you would love to match up with 1-on-1?

LA: Bill Russell

If you weren't in the NBA, what sport would you play and what position?

LA: Bowling (Ed Note: It's not every day you see professional seven-footers at the bowling alley.)

Can you take Chris Paul?

LA: Yes! (Ed Note: Paul is one of the best bowlers in the NBA, but LA says he carries a 170 average and would be able to knock him off.)

What was your most memorable Halloween costume you've ever worn?

LA: I never dressed up. Just grabbed a pillow case and went out asking for candy.

What's your favorite Friday movie?

LA: Next Friday

Smokey or Dey-Dey?

LA: Dey-Dey

Who is your favorite character on Martin?

LA: Martin

Who is your favorite character on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?

LA: Will Smith

What's currently being played on your iPod?

LA: New Rick Ross (Ed Note: LA says that Ross is the best right now, hence the follow up question...)

Who is your favorite artist of All-Time?

LA: Jay-Z

Who is winning the Super Bowl this year?

LA: Cowboys!(Ed Note: I knew LA was going to say Dallas, because he's a life-long fan and from the Dallas area, so I had to get an unbiased answer out of him...)

Besides Dallas?

LA: If not Dallas, the 49ers look good and my homeboy [Michael Crabtree] plays for them. (Ed Note: Nice call, LA! They haven't won anything yet, but predicting the NFC Champs? Nicely done. )

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  1. Nice to know a few things about my favorite player! Thanks Dustin!

    by Kim Thrasher on 1/31/2013 5:58 PM
  2. Thanks Dustin!

    by Anees on 2/2/2013 9:51 PM
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