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Jan 18

Trail Blazers Practice Facility Behind the Scenes PART TWO!!!

By linfieldrunner

This time the media alcove is filled with cameras.

Just filled with them! There’s probably four or five HD news cameras in this room, and there was only one or two last week! Wow!

Then Jason says that everybody’s here from the local sports media. It makes sense now. I thought last week, “Jeez…aren’t there more of them?”

Well, here they all are! Casey Holdahl, the main blogger from is here. LINFIELD GRAD Sarah Hecht is here! KATU, KGW, and KOIN 6 video crews are all here!

The door to the court is closed, but the sound from practice is coming through. I can hear the shoes squeaking on the hardwood and coach Terry Stotts shouting out words of encouragement. Meanwhile everybody’s typing away on their laptops, creating this unique cacophony of ambient sound, and Jason’s typing away some e-mail replies himself while getting our fancier station ID microphone hooked up.

Today I won’t be gathering sound with him, but I will still be in the action with pencil and paper in hand to jot down notes and observations.

The Blazers’ own video crew is also here critiquing past footage, most likely from the Cleveland game on Wednesday. And suddenly, the door opens and formal practice is over.

So I’m on the court for a second time and trying to get my bearing once more, but not succeeding a lot more than I thought. Apparently I’m still in shock that I’m here again!

Meyers Leonard is shooting free throws to my right without an ankle brace! He’s making most of them, too! Victor Claver and Ronnie Price are shooting threes in front of me again.

Wesley Matthews is pedaling on the training bike! I have a feeling that if my mom were here, she’d call him a “baby” just for looking…well, like a kid.

Next, Meyers is staging a mock interview with Casey, likely for a Comcast promotion. That’s a really funny moment, as Meyers’ “questions” are brilliantly hilarious, not to mention tongue-in-cheek! I have to admit he’s got a sense of humor, even for a rookie in front of cameras.

In the actual interview, he says there’s a 50% chance he’ll play in the Milwaukee game tomorrow, but that his injured ankle has vastly improved. I believe it. Hope he doesn’t play until he’s for sure 100%. No reason to rush him out in a game even though the Blazers’ depth issues are costing them victories.

Nic Batum, wow! He takes the Blazer Player Humor Award! He’s joking around with Chris Haynes and doing this crazy exaggerated parody of a fadeaway jumper. I have to cover my mouth to stop laughing my butt off. It’s that funny.

Another funny part is Damian Lillard actually crashing Meyers’ interview, grabbing a mike, and asking him hideoferous questions!

He says something like, “So how was practice today?”

“Oh, it was great, Damian,” Meyers says. “We were on separate teams for scrimmage today and my team beat you, so yeah, it was great.”

Everyone just busts out laughing.

In total, I’m in the crowd of media pros for interviews with Stotts, Leonard, Lillard, and LaMarcus Aldridge. Not a bad way to spend a Friday afternoon!


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