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Jan 10

Au Revoir NHL Lockouts

By joe.k

Someone gave me the idea to present my power rankings on Monday when NBA.com puts out its own Power Rankings. The thought was that I could measure my stat against what the ‘experts’ think. I liked this idea for a few reasons:

1)      I would get a few days off from putting out the rankings

2)      I could cheat. Since none of you are necessarily checking out my stat to make sure I’m calculating it properly, if I wait until Monday, I can base my rankings on what NBA.com says, and you’ll think I’m a genius.

3)      The Sacramento Kings are now becoming Seattle Supersonics, and with reports that the New Orleans Hornets are looking to become the New Orleans Pelicans, the Charlotte Bobcats will likely pick up old Charlotte moniker of the Charlotte Hornets, which would mean in 2013-2014, there will be two teams; Seattle Supersonics and Charlotte Hornets who will be coming back into existence since their recent departures, but (wait for it…) as new franchises. What that means is that if you are Seattle fan in 2020 and some is like, “dude, you must have loved growing up in the 90’s, you’re team was great, with Payton and Kemp” you need to say, “No, we weren’t, we were the Kings”. And if you are a Charlotte fan in 2020 you can’t say to yourself, I wish we were back in the glory days of the 90s. Because guess what, your team was never the real Charlotte Hornets, and your team has never had any glory days and they’re a while away; also they’re original name was the Bobcats. My sister’s volleyball team’s name is the bobcats. And that’s why I’d rather do the power rankings on Monday. rickyddddd, thanks for the idea.


Now that that’s out of the way, I wanted to discuss a stat change. This blog is supposed to help me find that next big stat, so I appreciate all your comments about the positives and negatives about this stat. One thing that I realized was that in terms of close games, I shouldn’t be giving extra points to teams with more close games won, because what if a team has simply played more than the rest. Instead, the following numbers will replace the close game numbers that were previously set up. I’m going to find the percentage of home games played, that were won by 3 or less points and multiply that by 33, and find the percentage of away games played, that were won by 3 or less points and multiply that by 54.


Where did these numbers come from? Beats me.




And finally, the last thing on the agenda for today; a welcome back to Hockey a farewell to NHL lockouts.

Off-seasons are boring. I credit the NHL for knowing how to keep fans on their toes throughout it.


NHL, your lockouts will surely be missed (for the next 8 years.)


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