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Jan 06

Blazers 2013-14 Salary Cap

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With all the talk about how to improve the Blazers roster, it is important to understand the basics about what the Blazers can actually accomplish with the roster and their available cap.  Assumptions can be made for just about any scenario, but Neil Olshey has set the table for where to begin.  He wants to build the team around a core of LaMarcus, Lillard, Batum, and Matthews.  Understanding the numbers will help facilitate the discussion on how other pieces could fit next season. 

This is the outlook for next season's free agency period.

Aldridge $14,628,000
Batum $11,295,250
Matthews $6,875,480
Leonard $2,222,160
Freeland $2,897,976
Claver $1,330,000
Barton $788,872
Price $1,265,977
Pavlovic $1,399,507
Jeffries $1,541,486
Hickson UFA
Babbitt UFA
Williams UFA
Smith UFA
Total: $43,240,658

The red numbers are non-guaranteed, and are not included in the Guaranteed Total.

If the Blazers only maintain their guaranteed players, they will have a roster of eight.  The NBA requires that teams maintain a twelve man roster. The Blazers are required to put the minimum rookie salary hold of $473,604 on their books for each of the 4 players they are short (or $1,894,416 total).  That would bring the Blazers salary to $45,135,074 at the very minimum come free-agency.  However, if Portland ends up in the top 12 with a Lottery pick, and does not lose their 1st round draft pick to Charlotte, the price of where that pick lands in the lottery will replace one of the minimum salary holds.  In other words, if the Blazers landed the 1st pick in next year's draft, they would have $4,286,900 count against the cap, or $850,800 if they somehow ended up with the 30th pick, as opposed to $473,604.

Currently, the new CBA stipulates a minimum salary cap of $58.044 million.  If this holds true, Portland will have $12,908,926 in available cap room.  The cap can increase based on revenue, and as Larry Coons reported via twitter, the most current projection for the 2013-2014 cap is $60 million.  In this instance, the Blazers will have $14,908,926 in cap space.

Portland is currently under the cap and will receive a $2.625 million Room exception, by which they can exceed the cap to sign one or several players over the cap.  The catch, Portland cannot combine available cap with this exception.  For example, if the Blazers were under the cap $8 mil, they could not sign an UFA for $10 million by using the Room exception.

Portland can sign any number of players to either the rookie, or veteran minimum, using either the Rookie Exception or the Minimum Player Salary Exception.  This is how the Knicks signed several players last year (Wallace, Brewer, White, Prigioni...) while being well over the cap.  Portland could use this to resign Babbitt, or Williams over the cap using this exception, rather than using up their Room exception were those player willing to accept.  The Blazers will have to use the Room exception if they command more money than the minimum.

The biggest issue surrounding the Blazers this off season will be what to do with JJ Hickson.  If the Blazer's do not renounce his Bird Rights, his cap hold is $7.2 mil.  Assuming the best, [that the cap is at least $60 mil, Portland only sticks with the eight guaranteed contracts, and their 1st round pick is sent to Charlotte], if Portland picks up his cap hold, that would leave Portland with $7,708,926 in cap space.  With some glaring holes at starting Center, and reserve PG and SG, there is not a lot of room to go out and sign suitable candidates.

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  1. Great informative blog. I like it.

    by Devon Malone on 1/8/2013 6:55 PM
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