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Nov 04

Getting things going

By geewillie33
Ok, so a new season so I have a new starting five. Roy and Aldridge are fixtures so nothing needs to be said about them. My staring five is the same as Nates, except for one thing. Why the hell aren't you starting Andre?! Why pay him all that money to come off the bench? To me the thing that the Blazers were lacking the most last season were decisions at the point. There are so many ways that Miller can improve our team by being on the floor with the other starters. First, our team is very young and very athletic. Why don't we run the break more? Because Blake sucks at it, thats why. Blake is a spot up shooter who is better at running a half court set than anything else. The fast break starts with a defensive rebound or a blocked shot. Oden and Przybilla are fantastic at both. Next you need a ball handler that knows to push the ball up the middle, thinks pass first and has good peripheral vision. Andre Miller is fantastic at all those things, that is why we signed him! Lastly you need guys that will release on the shot and fill out the wings. Our roster is loaded with those kinds of players! Aldridge runs the floor better than most big men and should be great in situations where teams play good transition D against us and they have the wings covered, Aldridge can be a trailer once the ball stops at the point. The only thing that Blake does better than Miller is outside shooting. We have enough good shooters in our starting lineup, we need someone who can get them ball consistently at times and places where they can do what they do best. I love Webster at the the 3. He has great energy, good chemistry with Roy and Aldridge, and he's a fantastic shooter. And for everyone out there that thinks przybilla should be starting, listen up. Despite all of Odens foul trouble and awkwardness, he is still leading our great team in all the statistical categories that a good center should: Rebounds, Blocked shots, and Field Goal percentage. Just imagine how he'll produce when he can stay on the floor for extended minutes. Can you say Defensive player of the year? Go Blazers!
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