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Dec 28

Who is selling your merchandise?

By JLMoon
Well to start off, I must tell you that this is my first blog ever!!! I am writing today to protest the portland trailblazers and their affiliates who sell there merchandise. My nephew, a 15 year old native portland boy, asked for one thing this Christmas, a Trailblazer beanie. I searched everywhere for one and found that the only place who seemed to carry them was Just Sports. I looked in every one of there stores in  the Greater seattle area, finding nothing. apparently seattle does not support portland or there sports teams. that is not the reason I am writing today. I did find an on line store for Just Sports who said they carried the hat. So I purchased the hat, they took my money and promised that the hat would be delivered. this was one week before Christmas. When on Christmas I delivered the news to my nephew that his hat was in the mail he was ecstatic. Have you seen that face on a child? If you have, then you know the warming feeling it gives you.
I just found out this evening, three days after Christmas, that my nephew will not be receiving the gift that I promised him, because the promise that was made to me by the sporting goods store JUST SPORTS was a total lie! Not only did they promise me that they had the hat, they said it would be delivered and most hurtful and deceitful of all is that they took my money on false pretenses.
Now I have to face my nephew and tell him that, of no fault of mind(besides believing in someone), I lied to his face. How do you think that makes me feel? Do you think he will ever believe a word I tell him. Cam I believe what is told to me.
This item is not on back stock. It is gone. No warning, no sorry, just gone.
Thank you once again to the people who sell the Trailblazers merchandise. Thank you for helping me ruin a child's Christmas.


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