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Dec 27

NBA's next big 'stat'

By joe.k

When John Hollinger, "analytics guru" (http://espn.go.com/nba/story/_/page/PERDiem-121214/john-hollinger-farewell-column) of ESPN, was hired as the Vice President of Basketball Operations for the Memphis Grizzlies, I had a revelation. I realized that I no longer had to work long and hard for a job that I didn’t like. And I no longer had to constantly wonder where my life was taking me. Because, if I just came up with a new stat, one that would sweep the NBA off its feet, maybe I too could end up working for an NBA organization pretty soon.

It took Mr. Hollinger 16 years to go from his first website all the way to VP of Basketball Operations, but that was during a time when nobody was interested in analytics. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Hollinger) Nowadays, when the whole NBA seems to be smitten with the idea, I project my rise to go from independent blogger on the Blazer’s website to landing a job either at ESPN or an NBA franchise in just 2 years.

And with advanced analytics now in this world, I’ve even mapped out exactly how it’s going to happen. For the next 4 months I’m going to blog about this journey to find that “new stat” I desperately desire. At the end of the 4 months, I will have found that stat and I will have recruited some followers to help me gather data for that stat. I will continue to blog about that stat and show how it directly affects every game that’s played. At that point, Blazers.com will have no choice but to feature my blog and shortly thereafter, a link for my blog will appear on NBA.com or ESPN.com. When the league takes notices that my new stat is spot on, I will be asked to write a weekly blog about it on a mainstream website. After doing so for a few months, analysts on TNT and ESPN will regularly refer to my new stat and my name will become a household name (think Bill Simmons, just not funny, or knowledgeable). I will be invited to speak at seminars and consult with different NBA personnel regarding my stat and while I’m doing that, some team or organization is going to take a chance on me and bring me on board just for this stat.

That is my elaborate and foolproof plan.


Now I just need a stat.



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