Dec 15

Practice Report: Lillard Talks Anthony Davis, Matthews Improves, Batum Gets Treatment

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Damian Lillard on Anthony Davis and the Rookie of the Year race

The Rookie of the Year race has two clear front-runners, Damian Lillard and Anthony Davis. With the two meeting head-to-head for the first time tomorrow, all eyes are on the battle that’ll ensue and Lillard knows it, though he’s not stressing himself out over the attention.

“I just focus on myself when the game comes,” Lillard said. “I’m sure every little thing that happens they’ll make it seem like it’s me going up against him, but I’m just trying to win the game.

“I know he’s gonna be trying to hunt all my shots,” Lillard said. “I know that he’s the person, that it’s me and him is what everybody says. But like I said, I just try to focus on what I do. The more I think about the Rookie of the Year and everything that everybody else is talking about then my head is in the wrong place.”

Head Coach Terry Stotts is excited to see the two perform as well, “It’s not like they’re playing against [matched up] each other,” he said. “But to have two of the top rookies on the floor at once, I think it’ll be fun to watch them. It’s hard to compare them, Damian will probably drive in and Davis will go after his shot, so it’ll whether he makes it or not, whether he gets blocked or not, we’ll see. Maybe draw a foul, you never know.”

Injury Updates on Wesley Matthews, Nicolas Batum and Will Barton

Wesley Matthews did not practice fully with the team today but was out on the floor working individually. His status for tomorrow’s game against the Hornets will be determined tomorrow after more rest and re-evaluation.

“I’m close, man, close,” Matthews said. “I did a lot today actually. I warmed up with the team, did the three-man weave then mainly I was with Jay just playing one-on-one basically.. I was getting shot up, I was running at game speed, cutting, trying to turn and all that good stuff. It’s close, a few things that still aggravate it. It’s gonna be a tough call tomorrow. You know me, if I can play through it I want to do it, but that [three more days of rest] could get me to 100-percent. Do I play at 82 or do I go to 100? I don’t know.”

Nicolas Batum practiced today and says his back is still feeling 50 to 60-percent of normal. He continues to see the chiropractor and receive treatment daily to get back to full strength as soon as possible.

Will Barton didn’t practice today after having an ingrown toenail taken care of yesterday.

Joel Freeland and Victor Claver will return from the Idaho Stampede tomorrow

Freeland and Claver we’re assigned to the Idaho Stampede yesterday to play last night and tonight. Freeland played 38 minutes, scored 22 points, pulled down 11 rebounds and dished four assists. Claver payer 39 minutes, put up 11 points, 9 rebounds and racked up 5 steals.

Both will return to Portland in time for tomorrow night’s game against the New Orleans Hornets. “They’ll be back tomorrow,” Stotts said. “We have a shootaround at 3:30pm so they’ll be, I think they get back into town at 10:00 or 11:00am. So they’ll be here.”


  1. I thank you Miss Sarah for your post worked all night now I must go sleepy bye Tee Hee

    by Hg on 12/16/2012 4:12 AM
  2. Hey Miss Sarahhecht;

    Well Now that I am awake and I am a little more responsive, if Nic is only 50 or 60% of Normal, would he be able to produce enough to help the team? He did last time so I am sure he can this time. Strained backs is hard to predict, and has their own time-line. If he doesn't re injure it he should be able to play through it. Many of times the back will loosen up doing exercise only to get as tight as a banjo string as soon as you stop. So it is more my selfishness and wanting to see him play that is hoping to see him on the hard wood, because proven he will play regardless of how he feels and I am not that selfish.

    I don't know to much about hip flexors, and like Nic, Wesley would not be the best judge as to whether he should play or not.

    I am glad Joel and Victor is back, we could have used Joel the last game I thought.

    If one game is any indication, both Lillard and Leonard has turned the corner on D. Soon it will be the LL and L Train; that be LaMarcus, Lillard and Leonard of course: I also like the Triple L MB express, adding Mathews and Batum with Mike Barrett's initials. Oh never mind, you are just a woman and wouldn't understand LOL.

    by Hg on 12/16/2012 11:56 AM
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