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Nov 01

Wait a minute! The Blazers are below .500! Greg Oden is a defensive stopper but he isn't scoring against mediocre Centers in the Western Conference, what's he going to do against Andrew Bynum or Brooke Lopez, or Shaq? OH MY GOD! Brandon Roy put down 42 on Houston and we STILL lost! HOLY %$^@!!!! The ship is going down! Andre Miller is going to start complaining about starting! Rudy will demand more playing time! THE SHIP IS GOING DOWN!!!!!..........STOP!
It's an 82 game season people. Hold the phone. We are only one week into the season, we have some brand new faces and our starting small forward, just like last year, got injured just before the season began. Chemistry changes and that doesn't make things better or worse, it can still work, but it needs time to develop, time to simmer. The playoffs are still a LONG ways away. This ship isn't going down. Bandwagon jumpers are already jumping ship because the Lakers are playing well. So what? The Cavs have LeBron freaking James and they are 1-2. They are still projected to be 1 or 1a in the Eastern Conference.

People, yes we started out a very emotional season, but that doesn't meant that when we drop two games in a row we freak out. Maybe the game against Denver will turn out to be a big game, but chances are that come All-Star break the Blazer's Chemistry will be clicking and the second half of the season we will beat Denver outright and end with a better overall record and that game will be meaningless. CALM DOWN! I've been at work early lately so I haven't been listening to MSP, but I'm sure he's talking about how maybe this team doesn't have it. Maybe they need to make changes here and there, maybe Coach Nate really isn't the guy to take this team to a chapionship, maybe GO isn't the offensive monster we all want him to be and he's just going to end up being a flop. 

That's Dawson's job. Generate interest. Generate listeners. He's the Don Imus of Portland Sports Radio. He's the Rush Limbaugh of Blazer Town. He wants text messages, he wants phone calls, and the best way to do that is to push your buttons. I still listen normally, don't get me wrong, because it's entertaining and they usually pull great interviews, but outside of that Rip City, take his opinions as opinions and not as a basketball guru. I'd be hard pressed to see him coach a Middle School Team to  .500 record (no offense Champ).

The world is still spinning. There are still 79 games left in the regular season. That is a lot of time to go on a couple winning streaks. Yes, it's nice to jump out of the gate and go on a 10 game streak and dominate the Western Conference from the gate, but that doesn't happen when your whole lineup changes the day before Opening Night. Frankly, Martel has stepped up pretty well for having sat out a whole season and on light duty for training camp. Give it a little more than a week people. This ship will right itself in time. Stick with it and keep Rip City ALIVE! There is a lot of talent, a lot of team players, and a maybe a little bit of surprise.

With all the build up leading into this season that we gave them, they were probably expecting to cruise to a 10-0 record at first. They were probably expecting it to be a lot easier than it has been. Now they're remembering that they aren't the only team that has NBA players on it. They've been punched in the mouth twice now. When they start tasting blood, we'll see how they respond. Will they start pointing fingers and fold? Or are they going to have the toughness, the fighter's instinct, to get enraged and rattle off a knock out combination dropping their opponents to the canvas (or in this case the hardwood)?

Only time will tell, this is where guys like Martel need to step up, guys like Andre Miller and Joel. This is their time to speak. Not about playing time or starting, but about toughness, about team unity and strength. I think after watching the game film, Coach Nate needs to put in 300. This is Roy's time to become Leonidas. This is his wolf in the darkness. He's backed into his corner, his helmet is stifling, his sheild is heavy, how will he respond against the 29 other  nations of the NBA? Will he make Kobe, the apparent "god king" bleed? What is your profession LaMarcas? Oden, yours? Rip City, WHAT IS YOUR PROFESSION?!?! AHHOO! AHOO! AHOO!! RIP CITY!  


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