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Dec 08

I don't respond to you because I think you are a jerk.
You have no class so I would rather not speak to you.
Please do not respond to anything I have to say because sinking to your level for a response is not the highlight of my day.
And a very merry to you.
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  1. I quote: "DON’T post just to post. I can’t say this enough, ... If [readers] think you’re posting to fill space they’re going to stop reading." I imagine u don't know where this is from & why it pertains to YOU. YOU won't hear from me again but unfortunately, I know that every1 will cont. to hear from u :(

    BTW... thx for wishing me a "very merry," so... u don't believe in Christmas?

    by Simpson on 12/10/2012 4:46 PM
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