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BBallBeakdown: Damian Lillard Is A 'More Explosive Chris Paul'

By DHawes22 Posted in: Blazers
If you're a basketball junkie, you need to watch this video below. Coach Nick over at BBallBreakdown dissects Damian Lillard's 23 point, 6 assist, 3 rebound, 0 turnover performance against the Indiana Pacers. During this seven-minute scouting report (worth every second!), Coach Nick analyzes Lillard's all-around game, including how he runs the pick-and-roll, attacks his defender when in an isolation situation, pushes the tempo in transition, decides when to spot-up, and handles defensive duties.

While Coach Nick raves about Lillard (spoiler alert!), the greatest compliment of all comes towards the end of the video when he says that Dame reminds him of a 'more explosive Chris Paul.' Yes, both players have their different playing styles, but is any comparison 100% accurate? But I see the resemblance in the two players' games and ironically, Damian's best games come when he takes the CP3 approach to the game by setting his teammates up in the first-half and attacking the second-half without any resistance from the defense. Regardless, enough of me talking about this video ...


  1. @DHawes22
    Hey great video, I love watching everybody on the Blazers team, but my eyes can't catch Isolation.
    I surely can't debate the comparison to Steve Nash or CP3, but I would have to go back to when they were rookies to do the comparison, not just a one game ISO. as that was a finer game of Lillard's. Again I can't debate the comparison because Stats is comparison of the past not now, plus CP3 and Nash has been hurt several times, they both have had good and bad supporting cast, and of right now Batum, Aldridge, and Wesley is fair to great cast. Nevertheless, it is easy to see that Lillard makes them even better.
    Lillard's down games came when Batum had the flu, LaMarcus had a bad back and Wesley's shooting was off, before and after his jambed thumb.

    So, in respect to Nash and CP3, which has their own dynasty in BB. Lillard is carving out his own dynasty also, if some of the stats and look alikes reflect to CP3 and Nash, is because all three are students of the game and are great.

    The big thing I agree with is Lillard given no big injury as yet, playing through adversity, and still being the top rookie is a merit he deserves. It makes him Iron Man 3

    by Hg on 12/8/2012 8:45 AM
  2. I've heard all the comparisons to CHI rose. I've always felt Dam was more like Chris Paul. Dam is not a high flyer like Westbrook or Rose. Not yet anyway. There might be a little Nash in him but nobody passes like Nash. Rondo comes the closest. It won't be long and it will turn around and the comparisons will be who is like Dam.
    20 games into his rookie season and this might be a future Hall of Famer. I know that's a stretch. He's that good. It will come down to health and winning. Whatever the outcome, the Blazers struck gold.

    by the golden ladder on 12/8/2012 10:19 AM
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