Nov 25

Stotts substitution?

By Blazermanialives

So, I'm a sick kid who spends a LOT of time watching, re-watching and analyzing games. I keep telling myself that Stotts is going to "get it". The Blazers have been right in every game but one this year. In several cases, we went into the 4th with a lead or tie, only to lose by double digits. Why? Again, I've analyzed, watched replays over and over and there's only commonality I can find Yes, we can speak to interior defense and the lack of an inside game for L.A. Yet, today's game put a bright spotlight on the most prominent problem. Tied to start the 4th against a defensive AND offensive powerhouse like the Nets, and who do we have in the game? Leonard, Jefferies, Pavlovic, Price, and Batum. So, Nic is supposed to carry a second unit that is playing like a third or fourth unit? As much as I despise them, take a look at Miami. Unless they are up 20, you will never see less than 2 of the big 3 on the floor at a time. Seriously, we have three of the top 20 scorers in the NBA and are under .500. We could easily be at .750 if not for a highly ineffective rotation. I admit freely that my brain takes a hit with the medical treatment I receive. If I can see this clearly, given that fact, shouldn't the coaching staff? I will always be a Blazer supporter and stand by our team and coach. I just have to wonder if perhaps Stotts doesn't spend as much time as I do analyzing every minute of every game. If he did, I can't imagine that he would miss this glaring truth - we don't have a second unit. What are your thoughts on this?


  1. So far, I think the idea is to keep playing them until they become better bench players. I don't think it's working on anyone except Meyers, who's starting to click offensively despite continuing defensive struggles. Freeland is slow to respond, Price runs the offense very recklessly, Pavlovic is inconsistent and Barton just doesn't get the minutes. The team has shown that it already has given up on Elliot Williams, Luke Babbit and Nolan Smith by not exercising their options, so they won't be developing those players. I really think Portland should package some expiring contracts with our 2 2013 second round picks acquired from Celtics to get better bench players.

    My idea was to get Austin Daye and Will Bynum from Pistons for Nolan, Elliot, Luke and a pick. I hope the front office is discussing about something similar to this. Otherwise it's just unfair to the starters who play heavy minutes and run out of breath in the crunch time like the Brooklyn game.

    by Choong Huh on 11/26/2012 12:46 AM
  2. I love your idea of Austin Daye and Will Bynum. I've been thinking of that one too. I might also consider Josh Smith and Al Horford for L.A. and a couple of benchers. I know that sounds wild, but unless Stotts unerstands L.A. isn't Dirk, I don't see how he gets utilized appropriately. However, props for his performance tonight. Not sure what happened to Lillard - wonder if it's a maturity issue. A ROY candidate really can't have too many nights like this be considered a serious contender. At least that's my thoughts. Any others?

    by Blazermanialives on 11/26/2012 10:26 PM
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