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Nov 22

In need of Superheros this Season

By Blazer Fanatic Posted in: LaMarcusAldridge, NicolasBatum, WesleyMatthews

The first ten games provided some of the most exciting basketball I’ve seen in the Rose Garden in years. Maybe it’s my low expectation. Perhaps it’s the underdog lover in me. The coach in me says its the free flowing offense, while the player in me says we have several legitimate ballers. Truth be told, I’m just a fan. And I realized what “it” is, and its something you don’t see very often in the NBA these days. Last year’s Blazers had all the talent in the world, and “it” just wasn’t there. The media is already writing stories about the Clippers this year, “Can they coexist?” And every game the Fakers lose, there is an avalanche of, “Who’s going to check out of Los Angeles first?” You hear players from various teams grumbling to various media about how they aren’t happy… ten games in!

The Blazers are different this year. They have arguably the worst bench in the league. Portland’s defense is pretty abysmal if opponent field goal percentage had anything to say about it. A new coach, and 8 new players sound like the Blazers are a new expansion team. So why am I having so much fun watching these guys play? It’s the effort; that scrappy, no-quit, play every moment like it was the final possession with the game on the line. That “Ring the bell!” grit that gets you pumped up to raise the roof on the Rose Garden. And it’s the teamwork. The kind that says, “There’s no limit to what can be accomplish when no one cares who gets the credit.”

Growing pains and frustrations will most certainly litter this year’s season. But my hope is that Wes, Batum, Lillard, JJ, and LA can stay healthy, and be the superhero’s we fans need them till we either get more talent, or our bench develops into the trusty side-kicks our starters need them to be. And, let's all hope that the effort and teamwork doesn’t fade between now April.


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