Nov 12

Top Ten Non-negotiables

By Blazermanialives


It’s true – some national analysts predicted our Blazers to go 0 and 7 to start the season.  And so,we could be happy to be 2 and 5. However, those us who have watched, re-watched and analyzed every game so far know that we’ve been in every game.  And too often, we’ve been unable to hold a lead, re-gain a lead or just hang on. So, what's missing?

After seven games, here are my take aways:

  1. L.A. is not Dirk – it was the low post game that empowered Aldridge and made him an All-Star, period.  Ditch the Aldridge at the elbow plays NOW.  I agree with L.A. -he's not shooting too much. He's just shooting from the wrong place
  2. We must have at least three starters in at all times
  3. Matthews and Batum or Hickson must run the trap
  4. There is no “second unit”, so don’t try to play one – playing the “second unit” is like driving the car off the cliff because it’s a faster route to the bottom on the hill
  5. Every Blazer on the floor needs to hustle like Hickson
  6. The Blazers should be in Boise checking out the Stampede – there may be more strength there than on the Blazer's bench
  7. Look at all possibilities – including trading half the bench for Amare Stoudemire, Josh Smith, Eric Gordon, or another potentially disgruntled “star” player
  8. Play Meyers Leonard with Damian Lillard together– see what the young energy can do
  9. Find a 6th man shooter – Jimmer Fredette, Dorrell Wright, JJ Reddick type
  10. Stotts either needs to figure out 1-9 above or move on before too much damage is done. I’m not saying go “Mike Brown” and overreact prematurely.  It’s just time for Stotts to develop plays based on the strengths of the individual and team skill sets

Whatever the scoreboard or record says, I remain a dedicated Blazermaniac.  We are a critical sixth man, so let’s keep bringing the support and noise while our team finds their way. Let's keep our Blazermania alive!!!


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