Oct 30

Get Ready, Get Set, Here We Go!

By blazerdarren77
  So the Blazer slogan is 'New Team, New Dream'. Wait. What? New dream? Shouldn't it be the dream for every  team to win a championship? What new dream? The slogan should be modified to 'New Team, Same Dream'. That said, let the new season begin! How will this year's group of guys fare this year? Will they be a playoff team? Will they play for another lottery pick? Will they just miss the playoff cut and not be a part of the draft lottery? To me, I could say yes to all of these questions because this year is as wide open of expectations as it will ever be. They have the veterans that can get them to the post season, but they also have a wide mix of new players that their inexperience could hurt them as the season progresses. What do I think of this year's team? I'll break it down with the starters and the bench. I won't be breaking down every player. That would take too long. That's why we have the insiders, bloggers, and analysts. So here if goes for both units:

The Starters

  We know what LaMarcus can do. Some say he's the best power forward in the Western Conference right now. And they are right. He does everything; score, rebound, block shots. The team goes through him. Sadly, he won't get an all-star starting vote; Griffin, Durant, and Howard will get the frontline votes, but he will make the team anyway. 
 What can we say about J.J.? He's a grinder. And he can score. His game should make it easier for LaMarcus to avoid a lot of being double teamed.
  I want to see Nic step his game up. He just signed a huge contract to stay with the team. Now he needs to earn his pay.
  Wesley, to me is the X-factor in this rotation. He can be a streaky scorer, but I want to see him stay consistent with his perimeter defense. 
  Then there's Damian. Will he live up to the hype? Or will he struggle like most rookies do? Will he be the R.O.Y.? If he plays like he did in summer league, look out!

The Bench

  The question I have is who is going to step up and give the production for the starters? To me it's hard to say. If I was to choose someone, I'd have to go with Nolan, if he can stay healthy. We know Luke can shoot, but can he do more? What will Freeland and Claver be like? Can Leonard's stock climb as the season goes on? How does Barton fit in the rotation? What about Jeffries, Pavlovic, and Price? This is where I believe the team will struggle.

  Now that I broke it down, how do I think the team will do this year? To me, the key is how well they do at home. On the road, they will likely be 5-10 games under .500, at best, so if they can get between 30-35 wins at home, there's a strong chance they will make the playoffs. With this team, anything is possible. I'll hope for the best, yet not be disappointed if they don't win. I just want to enjoy the ride. Let the journey begin!


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