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Oct 23

Thank You JJ Hickson

By SR.Furimsky
Last night was a special game for a select few fans. On September 29th, JJ Hickson played a social media version of hide n' go seek (#FINDJJ), by providing clues via twitter to find where he would be. Lucky finders would get the great opportunity to met Hickson and receive tickets to a preseason game against the Utah Jazz. The grand prize would be to win tickets to the opening night against the Lakers.

On Hickson's third stop, a picture was tweeted of part of a bridge. Many drove across Portland in hopes of being the first to get to Hickson for this was the stop to win the Lakers tickets. The location was the St. John's Bridge and the finish was nothing short of a finish you see on the The Amazing Race.

I drove down the road to find a parking spot and saw two guys jump out a car and begin to run. Quickly stopping the car, my girlfriend bolted out of the car to follow. Coming over the hill I was able to catch the end of the foot race to see we came up just short! In the end we were able to spend a Saturday playing a childhood game with a fan favorite Blazer and win tickets to the preseason game against the Jazz.

We cannot thank JJ Hickson enough for the fun times and memories we had playing the game and watching the Blazers ran all over the Jazz. Excitement filled the Rose garden as fans watched the Blazers score willing and provide a great show.


  1. So. Cool.

    by occassia on 10/24/2012 9:35 AM
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