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Oct 23

Who says retaliation isn't sweet?

By RipCityRevival
    WOW! What a way to end the preseason. All the skepticism as to if Portland would be ready for the beginning of the season. LA gets signed to his contract and all of a sudden LA and Brandon have their best games leading up to the season. 
    After losing to Phoenix here at the MC on our special night, it is nice to know that we could sour Nash's homecoming for him in return. I am ramped to go for this season and I love the line up! Yes, that's right. I like the Blake, Roy, Batum/Webster, LA, Oden lineup. 
    Listen, Roy plays with the ball. Miller plays with the ball. They both draw the help defense in order to make their team mates effective and they both need to start with the ball in the half court. The problem is that Miller can't stroke the 3 ball consistently (based on his career). I like Blake in that lineup. If Miller can organically work his way in there, great, but the way it stands right now I like Blake. With Blake in that lineup it keeps the defense honest on the whole court, not just inside the arc. An assist oriented guy is what fits in that starting five. Look at the historic teams of the past. The Chicago Bulls for instance, who were their starting five? Now how many of those guys were more than journeymen on other teams? That's because Jordan and Pippen made the role-players better, and the role players allowed Pippen and Jordan to be Pippen and Jordan. There is a reason why The Dream Team was successful and that is because they didn't have to play in an 82 game season. Chemistry would have failed in the end. This line up works, and it works well.
    Next, Patrick Mills was assigned the 15th and final roster spot. I am not surprised at all. I thought that was going to be the case, I thought financially it worked, and when I saw him at Fan Fest I knew I was right. I think Paul Allen made the right decision here. Based off of what we saw in the Olympics, I see that he will be a special talent. He is a good scorer, but he is also a team oriented passer and could easily step into either Blazer roster (when healthy of course). Does he have the experience yet? No, but based of the skills he possesses he could play either way. This will give him one year to learn the Blazers play book. This will give him one year to watch Andre Miller and Steve Blake guide this team. This will give him one year to study how best to play alongside Roy, LA, Oden and Rudy. If he is going to be here this year, they need to treat him the same way they treated Oden and Webster with their injuries. Take it easy. You want this guy long term. He will not be an All-Star PG, but he will be a franchise one some day. 
    I am really excited to see what this Blazer team is going to do this year. Now let's get this season started off right with a monster win Tuesday over Houston! I've got a pretty bitter taste in my mouth and it only got more bitter when they signed the coward Trevor Ariza. I hope the rest of you still remember the move he pulled on Rudy last year. Rip City!


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