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Oct 18

Damian will deliver

By CamCripps3
The arrival of Damian Lillard couldn't come at a better time for the Blazers as he is the highlight of Portland's off-season draftees and signings. With the starting point guard position waiting for Lillard, we all know he has the talent to fit in straight away in the NBA.

Lillard's preseason so far has been very impressive showing his talent from the first game. Showing scoring bursts in each game so far, Lillard has been putting up quality numbers. Although picking up a minor foot injury he will be fresh for the start of the regular season and may still pay in the remaining preseason games.

Damian Lillard has generally been labelled as a scoring point guard, which is his best weapon, but his summer league and preseason experiences so far suggest he may have the whole package. His superb performance against Steve Nash indicates he has the talent to fill out a stats sheet.

Lillard will have the opportunity to run the plays from the start of his career and from what we have seen, Damian Lillard is the real deal.
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