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Sep 30


By mbmurr1 Posted in: Blazers, Lakers
From reports here in LA, Dwight Howard will be ready to play on opening night vs. the Blazers.
I hope we spank the Lakers, with or without D. Howard.
What kind of underhanded BS did they pull to get him for Bynum?
What did they give under the table?
They always seem to get something for little to nothing, (Bynum is good but he is no Dwight)

Any thoughts?
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  1. Bynum is pretty stinking good, and is widely regarded as the number two center. Orlando knew they needed to trade Dwight before he ran and left them with nothing, so their choice to rebuild left them with seven or eight draft picks from the trade. Yeah, the Lakers ripped them off. They've been doing stuff like that for years... its why they've won so many championships. Some teams just have that appeal, and going to the Lakers would put Howard on a contending team immediately.
    I don't know about anything under the table. While it was a ridiculous trade, it doesn't seem unreasonably unbalanced. LA got Howard, Philly got Bynum (great for them), Denver got Iggy (also great for them), while Orlando got cap space, draft picks, and being able to focus on the future instead of catering to Dwight. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seemed to make all four teams happy.

    by chris.barnes on 10/2/2012 3:07 PM
  2. Bynum has massive potential but he is injury prone and his lack of consistency stemming from a poor work ethic really turns me off. When he wants to he really makes a difference in the game, sometimes he just disappears. I think a lot of his "disappearing" stems from injury more then lack of desire.

    I do see your point of all teams getting what they wanted.

    On another front I would like to see us make a trade with Houston for some of their draft picks. What do you think Chris?

    by mbmurr1 on 10/3/2012 9:59 AM
  3. I think a combination of things have factored into Bynum's career so far. First, injuries have obviously been an issue. Last season gave me hope though as he only missed six games last season even though it was a grueling schedule. Hopefully Bynum recovers from his current knee injury (expected to be ready for the season opener), but if he doesn't than the Lakers pulled off on of the biggest trade steals of all time. As for Bynum's work ethic, I have a feeling it'll be different in Philly. Bynum entered the NBA when he was only 17 years old... how would you have handled that fame? He was surrounded by people telling him he was a star and The Man, after dominating his last two years of high school. He then went to the Lakers and played a supporting role to Kobe and Pau, which was probably the first time he wasn't the center of attention.
    I can imagine that the continuous injuries didn't help his mental health either. That stuff is disappointing for everyone involved, and having that pressure probably never helped his recovery.

    Still, I think a lot of that will go away in Philly. He'll be their #1 guy and main scoring option and thrive in a situation where he doesn't have to play a supporting role. I guess I might be a bit high on Bynum's potential, but I think if he stays healthy this year he could be a top-10 guy in the league. Averages of 20-12 or so are easily within his reach.

    As for Houston, what draft picks are you talking about? Guys they took this year or future picks?

    by chris.barnes on 10/3/2012 10:27 AM
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