Sep 27

VIDEO: Analyzing Guards And Small Forwards With Wheels

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On Monday we started analyzing the roster man by man beginning with the bigs. We continued the process yesterday on Rip City Update when Brian Wheeler joined us to breakdown point guards, shooting guards and small forwards.

Damian Lillard, Wesley Matthews and Nicolas Batum were the main focus with a fair dose of Nolan Smith in the mix, but don't worry, we discussed every guy on the roster at those positions, so if you're looking for some knowledge on the newbies and the depth of the roster this is the place to start.

On a personal note, Wheels updated us on an exciting new development in his journey to find his birth parents.

Happy viewing!


  1. Hey Miss Sarahhecht:
    I finally got to watch all the video of both Tone and Wheels; I have been busy, busy busy retired working person.

    I think we all agree that DLill will be the center of focus going into training camp, I expect him to hit the hardwood running; the faster he gets comfortable and the bugs out the faster the Blazers will develop this year; as Wheels just said, the goal is to look better in April then in October. how much better we will look and how quick we will look better depends on Lillard and the whole bugaboo of staying healthy. As the starting five beginning training camp is healthy I will speak of them as healthy;

    Wesley for the first time is healthy and I have watched him debated for him and listened to him all summer and I love the improvement; he will be much better this year. Again Wesley is a rhythm player and his game will rely on DLill to a great degree.

    Nic has got to be Nic, and keep his mind focused on what is important to him, I have come to the conclusion that Nic being young and vulnerable is easily manipulated by fans, teammates and coaches. When BRoy took him under his wing and said you will be my outlet shooter so be ready at all times gave Batum that little confidence he needed his rookie year, but OTOH. Nate being hard on him let all the air out of his confidence and he became inhibited for fear of making mistakes. Batum needs pats on the back and his contract gave him a lot of confidence that the Blazers trusted him; Batum too, depends a lot with the development of DLill, I know you know who Bobby Gross is, but too young to have seen him; he made his living with back door cuts because Walton, and Luke demanded so much attention and they couldn't leave Twardziak or Lionel Hollins because they could burn you off the dribble at will. Many of Bobby Grosses back door alley oops and drives were completely uncontested. At that time, I didn't understand why he was so wide open. To connect the dots, I see the same thing with DLill, and now Wesley as being a threat, and LMA and JJ can't be left, That with any screening at all Batum will be left alone for a back door dunk all night long, Just shut your eyes and imagine, awesome huh?

    LMA as I have read has worked on his dribble drive and his passing out of the post ands dbl team, and with Stotts offensive mind, LMA will he more versatile then he has been, And I see right now, I don't think the opponents can dbl team him often, or they will get burnt from someone else if LMA has indeed improved his court vision and passing skills.Listening to opponents broadcasters, because I have to use the NBA package from my winter home away from home, It was the game plan to dbl LaMarcus as soon as he put the ball on the floor, because he became one dimensional at that moment. If he can indeed pass from the dribble drive, that will eliminate that.

    IMO, at the first of the season the Center will be by committee, with all the bigs taking a shot at it, except for LMA and he will become PF2. At the first of the training camp you can call JJ the center and Lamarcus the PF, but in reality what is the difference. I do believe though that once Leonard gets into it, he will be our only true center; as stated by him the coaches has said he would basically be used to defend with his lateral movements and athletism, and rebounding and put backs, so if our big coach teaches him nothing more then boxing out to get rebounds, and put backs or passing out on a defensive rebound then with all the other scorers on the team he will get his feet wet early, but will be grounded for foul trouble early LOL.

    All in all, I see us having growing pains, and lots of our losses will be from the Western Conference being so gosh darn good, but in April we will be much better then many give us credit for.

    by Hg on 9/28/2012 7:43 AM
  2. Wow, I didn't realize that post was so long, Ancientone will gain all his wt back if he tries to read it as he will have to make several trips to the frig for Ice cream to make it through the whole post.
    But, since there is no other posters at this time, I don't think other then you there will be any problem.
    You just have the knack of bringing out the Blazer beast in me. BTW, I love your pearly Whites, they sparkle on Blazer TV, and that is fact.

    by Hg on 9/28/2012 7:58 AM
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