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Sep 25

Aldridge and Hickson

By chris.barnes
So apparently the possibility of starting Aldridge at center and Hickson at PF is starting to take shape!

Thoughts? Expectations? Excitement?
I think this could be great for us. Our five best players could be on the floor at once!


  1. It makes the most sense, giving us the best fighting chance. LA himself said he wants to play along side a tough bruising rebounder :) Also, I know JJ wants big minutes & the ONLY way he can make that happen is if he "plays ball;" meaning, JJ's gotta start w/ high energy, score when LA doesn't have a better option, & stay on the floor as 1 of if not THE main offensive threat when LA needs a breather (depending on how the games go, JJ may have to stay on the floor when LA comes back! He wants minutes this yr., I believe he will get them ;).

    I'm plenty excited! :)

    by Simpson on 9/25/2012 7:45 PM
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