Sep 24

VIDEO: Breaking Down The Bigs With Antonio Harvey

By sarahhecht Posted in: j.j.hickson, jaredjeffries, joelfreeland, LaMarcusAldridge, LukeBabbitt, meyersleonard, victorclaver

Training camp is only a week away and as we prepare for the season and the hum around basketball increases, it’s natural for the conversation to migrate to the shape of the roster and how successful the team is expected to be.

Antonio Harvey stopped by Rip City Update this afternoon and we spent the whole hour breaking down each and every big man on the roster—centers, power forwards and stretch fours were all fair game.

Wondering how the “front-court-by-committee” thing is going to work? Watch the show. Or how the depth chart is shaping up? Watch the show. How about what to expect from Meyers Leonard and Joel Freeland? Watch the show.

Basically what I’m getting at is this: Solid show today and completely worth the watch if you’re gearing up for the season and wondering how the C/PF position will look.

Wheels is up on Wednesday and we’re tackling the guards and small forwards. 4pm, see you there.

Joe Freeman of The Oregonian, @BlazerFreeman, reports Terry Stotts has named J.J. Hickson as the starting center heading into training camp.


  1. That was an awesome show w/ excellent content AND even a cliff hanger (what r the origins of Wessywes's new nickname: "The Dark Knight?")! Great dynamic between u 2! :)

    Say Sarah, I don't believe Lillard is any bit cocky, he's got excellent confidence + I think what some could possibly perceive as cocky is actually just a fearless attitude; THAT is EXACTLY what this team needs in a leader,pg, & player. Together, Lillard & Freeland (pops was a straight up street fighter!) will transform our Blazers into THE new Bad Boys (well dunno about that but @ least I know their attitudes r perfect for our guys ;)!

    ps u looked even more exceptional than usual. ;) Love the new little pic you've got for this article! :) & @ 'Tone, if Lillard's gonna b as good as I think he's gonna b... ALL that fat cash in Nash's deep pockets belongs to to Lillard! Hahaha!

    by Simpson on 9/24/2012 9:13 PM
  2. Thanks for watching Simpson! It's so much easier and more fun to talk about basketball when there are games or we're getting ready for games.

    I'll put Wesley's nickname and Joel's street fighter padre on the list of stories to dig into.

    As for Lillard, I didn't mean to imply that I think he's cocky, because I don't. I think he flirts with the line between cocky and confident and could be/is perceived as cocky. I fall onto the confident side, he says what he intends to do and then does it. Love his work ethic.

    And thanks!

    by sarahhecht on 9/24/2012 9:59 PM
  3. Hey Miss sarahhecht, I just watched the video, and must say I love you and tone together, Tone is a blast, Not saying bad things about you and Adam, Tone is just more down to earth.

    I sent a question to Mailbag for you or Casey to answer, with regards to the bigs.

    The question being, Would it be better pairing a banger with a finesse player, as in LMA and JJ, or LMA and Freeland with Leonard and JJ coming off the bench?

    by Hg on 9/25/2012 7:04 AM
  4. Hey Miss Sarahhacht I wanted to add that Lillard is just very confident IMO, he has worked his butt off getting there and the cockiness comes from when you get there, there is not guess, you know it.
    Was that Walter Brennen that used the line " No brag, just fact"; that fits Lillard.
    Oh I call him the little Devil because of Domain and the fact that he works like the devil.

    by Hg on 9/25/2012 7:19 AM
  5. NP Sarah ;) Easy to watch when you've got awesome knowledgeable hosts, THE BEST content, intriguing q & a, beat the crap outta TV, the fact that I'm addicted to Blazers goings ons, & the list goes on as why I should thank YOU (& the Blazers organization ;)! Hahaha!

    YES on Wes! :) Soon to b revealed, Wes's TRUE secret ID (we already know about 1 of his superhero personae: Tony Stark! :) Also I can't wait for your piece on Joel's pops!

    Sorry, & I didn't mean to make it seem like I was implying that u thought he was almost cocky; I should've phrased things better; I just don't want ppl out there to mistake him as being such; even IF I wasn't a Blazer's fan, I would believe this ;)

    @ Hg, agreed. The dynamic between Sarah & Adam is good also; I've no problem w/ & enjoy watching them together too but it's cool to also put 'Tone in the mix to shake things up & I enjoy watching just as much, it's just a different look :)

    by Simpson on 9/25/2012 9:36 AM
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