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Sep 24

Bill Belichick

By mbmurr1
In the last seconds of a game (any sport) when a controversial call is made I don't think it is proper for the referees to run off the field and ignore the coaches pleads for an explanation. I understand why the Patriots coach grabbed the referee by the shoulder in an attempt to get his attention. The referee continued to ignore him and continued to run off the field. I think all referees need to be in communication with the coaches for 5 minutes after any game to answer any questions either head coach might have about calls that affect their livelihood.

Any thoughts? 
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  1. I'm not a football fan on any level but have always said refs should face penalties and suspensions for poor performance...that alone would clean up the games. Also think the NBA should have coaching challenges which would use instant replay to get it right.

    by riverman on 9/24/2012 1:10 PM
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