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Meet BlazerDancer Kimberly

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BlazerDancer Kimberly is back for a fifth season!

A seasoned veteran, Kimberly began dancing with a local parks and recreation when she was six years old. Her teacher soon started a studio and Kimberly followed. She’s spent the last 22 years dancing and teaching at that same studio.

Portland born and raised, Kimberly attended Newberg High School before beginning her college studies. She’s currently finishing up a Health Sciences degree and plans to apply for a doctorate program in Physical Therapy next summer. Her interest in PT has grown over the years she’s spent dancing for a professional sports organization.

“It’s been a gradual attraction to it,” Kimberly said. “As a dancer we have so much awareness of our own bodies and as a teacher awareness of what other people’s bodies do and what they’re capable of. And also watching the players and all of the crazy and amazing things they can do with the jumping and the running and having so much energy for such a long time, it’s just really appealing to me to be able to help somebody to reach their peak performance level.

“The things that sound the most interesting to me are first of all working with dancers. Even more exciting sounding is being an in patient physical therapist, so people right out of traumatic injuries or surgery.”

Throughout her education journey Kimberly has been blessed to turn her passion for dance into work and to be able to dance on one of the biggest stages in Portland. As a BlazerDancer Kimberly’s list of favorite moments is extensive.

“There have been so many different moments, but I’d say the trips that we’ve gotten to go on,” Kimberly said. “I went to the Philippines and just recently Estonia, those are major highlights because I haven’t gotten the opportunity to travel very much, so that was amazing.

“Going to playoffs was super awesome. The energy from the crowd really pumps us up and I can only imagine how pumped up the players get too from the deafening noise, it’s so loud, I love those fans!”

Welcome back Kimberly!

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