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Meet BlazerDancer Eri

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Veteran BlazerDancer Eri is back for her sixth season in the Rose Garden!

Born in Tokyo, Japan, Eri was raised in Tigard and began dancing at Westside Dance Academy when she was eight years old. Her lessons led her to the Tigard High School Dance Team where she performed for four years.

While studying International Business at the University of Oregon Eri was a member of the Cheer Dance Team and used the experience to propel her toward becoming a BlazerDancer, a title she’s held since graduation.

Now, in her sixth season as a BlazerDancer, Eri has a host of amazing memories to reflect upon and still more to make in the upcoming year.

“There have been so many amazing experiences and opportunities that came up for me,” Eri said. “Making it to the playoffs that first time was pretty incredible to experience. Being able to perform for the fans, our fans are amazing! I’ve been to a few other games in different cities and it’s not the same. Our energy, we just feed off of them and it’s great to be able to do something that I love and share it with everyone.”

Being a BlazerDancer has also given Eri the opportunity to represent the Trail Blazers and the NBA as a whole across the world—she’s been on three trips to Estonia, China/Hong Kong/Taiwan and the Philippines.

“The Philippines was amazing, they were all incredible, but we went to a few colleges and high schools and we also went to an orphanage and we read to kids there and it was amazing to see all the kids so excited to see us, that was the best part,” Eri said. “They were so excited and we were passing out all this Blazers stuff.”

Even with a five years of memories to choose from, getting the chance to dance with younger sister BlazerDancer Lisa tops the list.

“Oh my gosh! It was so fun. We live together, but we have different lives and work so we don’t get to see each other that much,” Eri said. “So it was nice to be able to carpool to practice together and hang out and go to games together and get ready and be able to dance together. That was the best part because we’re four years apart and have never been on a team together or danced together. We’re excited to be able to do that again.”

Welcome back Eri!

Check out a full photo gallery of Eri and meet BlazerDancer Rachel!


  1. I remember Eri from last year, and her sister too.
    Welcome back Eri.

    by Hg on 9/21/2012 12:45 AM
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