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Sep 19

Tyreke Evans

By mbmurr1 Posted in: Blazers, Kings
I think we should look to make a trade for Tyreke while his stock is relatively low.
I think a backcourt of Lillard and Evans would be something great to build upon.
At the moment Sacramento likes Tyreke but is not in love with him as they have not offered him an extension, and at 22 years old he is going to be in the same situation as Batum unless we can make a trade for him now.

I think Matthews, Babbitt, Claver, a 2013 2nd rounder, and 2014 2nd rounder might do it.

What are your thoughts?
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  1. Evans is an appealing player who we could potentially get for cheap, however he has a horrid jump shot. One of the worst percentages in the NBA (might even be THE worst, I can't remember). While he's a good finisher at the rim and gets a lot of his points form there, we already have Lillard who will be doing that a lot and I guess the question would be if we want to trade a guy like Matthews (who finished 5th in the NBA in made 3s) for a guy who gets his point at the rim. With guys like Aldridge and Hickson who will also be doing their scoring around the post, I think that having Matthews helps balance our scoring and spread the defense far more than Evans would.
    Also, you mentioned that Evans' contract is up after the end of this season. Do we want to give up Wes for one year of Evans, or are we looking to trade for him and that pay him more over the next few years?

    by chris.barnes on 9/23/2012 8:22 PM
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