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Meet BlazerDancer Ashley

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Welcome rookie BlazerDancer Ashley!

Third time was the charm for Ashley who began her dancing adventure at six years old with a tap class. Born and raised in the Beaverton area, she studied at a studio for the next ten years where she expanded her repertoire to include jazz and ballet.

After graduating from Aloha High School her first major audition was for the BlazerDancers, a goal she would strive to meet twice more before succeeding. Each year Ashley learned from the audition process. She also took great strides while dancing with the Vancouver Volcanoes.

“The first year I had no idea what you were supposed to look like, what you were supposed to wear. I didn’t really know anybody going in and so I was pretty nervous and by myself,” Ashley said. “The second year I didn’t know all the things that they have to do, the different promotions and the different people they have to meet. I was totally in the dark. And then as soon as I made the Volcanoes the next year, I learned what you have to do at a game and how you have to deal with people, sponsors, kids, and how you have to handle yourself, I felt a lot more comfortable. But I thought another year on Volcanoes really helped push me over the edge this season. I had a lot more confidence in my dancing and I wasn’t so shy and worried. It was comfortable this year.”

Even with the confidence and experience gained while dancing with the Volcanoes the thrill of becoming a BlazerDancer was an exciting shock. “I didn’t believe it,” Ashley said. “As soon as I saw the curly hair, I didn’t even see my face, I just saw the curly hair and I started freaking out.”

Now, as Ashely heads into her senior year of college she’ll have more on her plate than studying biology in preparation for dental school, she’ll be representing the Trail Blazers at games and in the community.

“Dancing with all the veterans is what I’m looking forward to. Some of the girls like Leisel and Rea have been on the team since I was in middle school and I’ve always looked up to them,” Ashley said. “And I really like community service. Anything to do with kids or stuff that makes people happy and makes a difference in somebody’s day.”

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