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Sep 07

Trail Blazers Participate in Second Annual Green Sports Alliance Summit

By make it better

By Justin Zeulner

The greening movement of sports continues at the second annual Green Sports Alliance Summit this week in Seattle.  Summit discussions include how to develop effective operations to enhance environmental impacts, how sports can help influence communities to embrace environmental fan engagement programs that include sustainable messaging, and many more authentic approaches towards connecting fans and corporations, leveraging our passion for sports to create better communities.
As one of the founding board members of the Green Sports Alliance, I'm thrilled to see the force and momentum of this movement continue at such a rapid rate.  Attendance at this years Summit has doubled from last year.  Attendees include team owners, c-suite corporate executives, facility leaders, marketing and public affairs directors, suppliers, scientists, students government officials and electeds.  The mission to share environmental best practices within the sports and entertainment industry is on a path of success.  Important relationships are being forged, which will continue to drive this movement forward.
As one of many NBA teams dedicated to a sustainable future, we are proud of the leadership our owner Paul Allen, our corporate leader Sarah Mensah, and Commissioner Stern has shown during this movement.  Without this visionary leadership, our accomplishments and future wins would not have been possible.  Tonight, we honor MLB Commissioner Bud Selig for his leadership within the greening of sports in professional baseball.  Like Commissioner Stern, Selig has shown us how our leaders can initiate change.
It seems evident that the industry has taken notice that a focus on enhancing our environmental impacts leads to reduced operational expenses, reductions to footprints, new business development opportunities, brand enhancements and deeper connections with our communities.  Incorporating these values makes good business sense and I'm looking forward to what the future will bring our industry with all of us working together, as partners, towards creating a better planet.
(Justin Zeulner is the Senior Director of Sustainability and Public Affairs for the Rose Quarter and the Trail Blazers)


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