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Sep 06

The Dunk!

By mbmurr1 Posted in: lowertherim, wnba
By watching WNBA action, I was able to view the NBA at a much slower pace and no dunking. I am here to tell you that it was one of the most boring sports events that I watched all the way through. The three kept me watching but it is hard to explain how important the dunk has become in order to keep people like me entertained. The emotion of an in your face slam, to me cannot be replaced by 6-8 players packed into the paint with a weak 4" vertical jumper being the outcome. Until the WNBA gets a few dunkers the seats will remain unfilled. I wish the WNBA all the best but I would rather watch the 2 worst teams in the NBA developmental league then the championship game of the WNBA, SORRY GIRLS you are BBOORRIINNGG, and I understand it is not your fault. Lower the hoop or something 9'-3" would do it, bring some excitement to the ladies game and you will get some more fans. Has anyone thought of this before? I would say "Invest in the WNBA" if they lower the rim 9", the stock value will triple in the first year.

What are your thoughts?     
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