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Meet The BlazerDancers: Nina

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Welcome rookie BlazerDancer Nina!

Unlike many of the other BlazerDancers, Nina didn’t get started dancing by following the typical studio route—instead she had to wait patiently for her opportunity to express herself and indulge her yearning to dance.

Nina lived in Qatar during the 3rd and 4th grade, a formative time for young dancers. She was there to be with family and learn about the culture and even though she wasn’t allowed to pursue dance at all she loved every moment.

“I lived out of the country for two years. I lived in Qatar and with their religion and their whole view on women you’re not allowed to dance in studios and they don’t have that sort of thing there,” Nina said. “When I came back I was able to do all of that and I think just being able to made me want to do it more. I know there is a whole other world of girls out there who aren’t able to dance and express themselves.”

Upon her return Nina took advantage of her new opportunities and began dancing in middle school. From there she went to Century High School and then onto Portland State University, all the while continuing to dance.

Born and raised (mostly) in Portland, Nina knew of the different professional dance teams in the area and capitalized fully. She danced for the Vancouver Volcanoes for two seasons and the Portland Winterhawks Rosebuds for one year before earning a spot as a BlazerDancer.

Nina described the audition process this season, her fourth time through, as “more laid back” than she’s felt in the past. When she learned she’d earned a coveted place on the BlazerDancers roster and saw her face on the jumbotron she was speechless. “I saw my picture, but I had to read my name before it sunk in,” Nina said. “It still hasn’t, I don’t think it will feel real until our first practice.”

Now, Nina has an entire season to look forward to both on the court and as an ambassador for the team in the community. Experiences she says are sure to be “hard work, exciting and humbling.”


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  1. Hi Sarah, Oh what a horrible job you have, interviewing all those beautiful dancers, it must be a drag LMAO

    by Hg on 8/29/2012 3:47 PM
  2. I am so Happy That NINA Made the Team her hard work paid off.... GO NINA!

    by Tamea Perry on 8/31/2012 7:59 PM
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