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Aug 27

A "Weekend" Warrior in Exile (Contest Entry)

By wastro82

The Blazers and I go back as far as I can remember. I attended my first game before I could spell my own last night, and I was hooked by the high-flying Drexler era. Not a season has gone by since that I haven't made my way to a Blazers game (or two or three).

That all may change this year for one very simple reason: I moved. I left the Vancouver/Portland area for Seattle in July, leaving me about 200 miles from my favorite place on Earth.

It would take an Aldridge-like effort to make the round-trip on a Wednesday after work, which is why the Weekend Plan is ideal for me. With this plan, I can come into town without worrying about I-5 gridlock, and I won't have to sweat the ticking of my watch as the shot clock ticks down toward yet another Blazers win. 

The opponents aren't anything to sneeze at, either -- yet another reason this is the perfect package for a long-distance fan.

The Spurs have long been derided as boring, but that's what I respect about them; they're methodical, disciplined, and relentless. And anyone who can't appreciate a Tim Duncan bank shot doesn't really enjoy basketball. Not just that, but the up-and-coming Timberwolves (and their new shooting guard -- what's his name again?) and the ever-dangerous Dallas Mavericks should make for some entertaining match-ups.

The new-look Rockets should be fun to watch, as well. I was there when Brandon Roy hit this incredible game-winner in 2008, and it's always fun when these two teams get together -- even if the Rockets are missing some fire power these days.

Beyond that, there's an incredible amount of young talent coming through the Rose Garden with this package, including top pick Anthony Davis, Greg Monroe, and Goran Dragic.

The best reason this package is perfect, though, is because these ARE the Blazers we're talking about. I'm looking forward to seeing what move Aldridge has added to his repertoire; what Lillard can do against some top-flight competition; how Batum has progressed; and what kind of lock-down defense Wesley Matthews brings to the big games. 

And I'm glad the Blazers offer a package that makes it all possible; I might be 200 miles away, but with the Weekend package, it's not a matter of "if" I make it to Rip City this year. It's a matter of "how often."


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