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Aug 23

Winning strategy "core" team?

By mbmurr1 Posted in: Blazers, LaMarcusAldridge, NicolasBatum
I say get JJ, LA, Nic, D-Lil and Wil-B on the floor as much as possible together. Make the opposing center come out on LA to open the middle then Pick and Pop, Pick and Roll, Pick them Apart.

What are your thoughts on who should get the most minutes as our "core" team?
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  1. jj, LA, Nic, D-Lil, Will-B. MEYERS Leonard should get 20-25 min. per games

    by DamianLilard on 8/23/2012 11:08 AM
  2. Not the best long-term solution since JJ's contract is only for one season and I doubt he'll return after..

    My biggest dillema is in the 2 guard position. All three players (Wes, Elliot and Barton) deserve minutes, but not all will get it. My guess is that Barton will be on the bench for the most time since we want to start Wes and see how Elliot plays out first.

    I'm all for starting Meyers as soon as we can. LMA and Meyers will be a duo of big men who keep running, which opens up a lot of possibilities for the playmakers.

    by Choong Huh on 8/23/2012 1:19 PM
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