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Oct 13

Bust a Bucket minus the Big Shaqtus

By Melissa Posted in: Suns, Melissa, BrandonRoy
Yes it's true we are bringing it back old school at the Memorial Coliseum tomorrow... and more importantly we will be dancing in rompers, with knee high socks, and dancing to Bust a Bucket. Bust a bucket...bust...bust...a bucket. If you are not a fan of Jerome Kersey rapping, maybe  Pumps and a Bump will satisfy your early 90's favorites. Oh and yes the roger rabbit, the Bobby Brown, and kid n play dance moves will all be incorporated.

See you all tomorrow when we play the Suns minus the big Shaqtus absent!


  1. Did you guys have fun dancing at the MC?

    by Dan Harbison on 10/15/2009 8:55 AM
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