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Meet BlazerDancer Stephanie

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BlazerDancer Stephanie is back to light up the Rose Garden for a third season!

Born and raised in Portland native, Stephanie has been dancing for as long as she can remember. As a three-year-old she watched her brother practice his tap routines and learned them by attrition until she was old enough to start classes herself. She hasn’t stopped dancing since.

“I can’t kick a soccer ball, I can’t throw a ball, it was just fitting for me and in my body to always dance. It’s been a part of me since as long as I can remember.”

Stephanie’s dance resume is extensive. Beginning studio classes at the age of five led to a spot on the Tigard High School Dance Team and then to California where she attended Chapman University and minored in Dance. It was there she met an inspirational teacher who she credits with expanding her range and style.

After graduation she returned home to Portland and naturally, auditioned for the BlazerDancers. Now, heading into her third season, Stephanie is excited to develop her leadership skills and show the six new rookies the ropes.

“This season I’m looking forward to the added leadership that comes along with being a 3rd year, more responsibility and rising to the challenge of being a veteran,” Stephanie said. “My first year you’re a rookie and everything is new, my second year you have the hang of it and you kinda know the ropes, but I still felt like I was learning a lot. I think the learning is never going to stop, there’s always going to be new things and new goal that you want to make with the team and new stuff that comes up, but I am looking forward to being an impactful member for other girls on the team.”

Being a BlazerDancer isn’t just a side-gig for Stephanie, her passion for dance and desire to influence and cultivate the passion of young dancers led her to start her own dance studio. And as she’s navigated the path of teaching she’s learned that there’s more to being a BlazerDancer than performing at the Rose Garden—it’s a dream her students aspire to.

“I’ve seen a very big impact at my dance studio. They all know I dance for the Blazers and I’ve hired a couple of the other girls and I see everyday how that influences them,” Stephanie said. “They tell me ‘I want to be a BlazerDancer’ and ‘Oh, you’re so cool!.’

“You don’t realize what kind of impact you are creating for these young people. I know there’s people who think it’s fun and exciting and it’s a really, really awesome and unique experience, but I think for me seeing that impact on a young dancers life is really special and I appreciate that I’m in this position that I can pass on my love of dance to young dancers, but also have them be even more so inspired by the other job I hold as a BlazerDancer. It’s a really cool balance and mix and I like how they fold together into one.”

Check out a full photo gallery of Stephanie and meet BlazerDancer Rea!


  1. Hey Miss Sarah; I never get tired of reading anything about the blazers organization. Stephanie may be a classic. Welcome Stephanie to another year as a Blazer

    by Hg on 8/17/2012 8:53 AM
  2. Oh she's cute...

    by Choong Huh on 8/18/2012 12:51 AM
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