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Aug 16

With no time during the week, the "Weekend Plan" is right for me!

By KarleyE3 Posted in: Lakers, LaMarcusAldridge, LukeBabbitt, NicolasBatum, WesleyMatthews
Anyone who has ever played high school sports will understand how much work it really is. With practice or a game every night, you never have time to do anything at all. I'm rushing home most nights to catch the beginning of the TrailBlazer games. I am a twin and I'm also a girl. My sister and I are huge Blazer fans. We are playing high school basketball and we love the game of basketball. When a Blazer game is on, we are on the couch yelling, screaming, and learning from the game. Sometimes, we even get in Blazer gear just to watch the game in our home. With our busy school and sports schedule, it's nearly impossible to make it to Portland (45 minutes away from our city) in time to get to the Blazer game. That is why the Weekend Ticket Plan would be right for us. I could tell you our room is full of everything TrailBlazer, or that we own multiple Blazer t-shirts, but that doesn't explain our love for the Blazers. When they win I'm happy, but when they lose, my night is ruined. I was at the playoff game when the Blazers came from behind against the Mavericks and won the game, with Brandon Roy going off in the fourth quarter. That day was one of the best days of my life. That may explain my love for the Blazers. I absolutely love going to the Rose Garden and experiencing the game with the best fans in the world. I love rooting on Portland's all-star LaMarcus, and throwing up the three goggles with Wesley and Batum. I'm counting down the days until we play the Lakers. The Lakers and Blazers rivalry is my favorite and by the end of the night I've lost my voice screaming "Beat LA!" My schedule is demanding and I could never miss a practice, so going to a Blazer game during the weekend would be so amazing!


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