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Aug 16

In Response to Blog Post, "Blog Contest: Which Ticket Plan Is Right For You?"

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By now you’ve heard about the four different ticket plans the Trail Blazers are offering to their fans this season:
I live in Seattle, and of course you all know we are trying to get our sonics back, and over the years I have been following the Portland Trailblazers! In my opinion, the "Big Game" deal is the best. There starting out game (On Halloween) they are facing the "Lakers" and as we all know the got Dwight Howard, and Steve Nash. When you already have Kobe Bryant and Ron Artest (Metta-World-Peace) I think it would be a fantastic game to go to with a team that could go to the NBA finals. Also, when they play the Bulls it might be good to see how well D. Rose does when he recovers from is torn ACL, or if the Bulls don't have him there could be a different factor in the game without him. To get to my point, they are playing teams that either did make playoffs or were pretty close to. In my POV the Trailblazers will have a good fighting chance while facing these teams. The Trailblazers are really a good to, with a great fan base, and bringing in fans from different states (WA). I wish the best luck to the Trailblazers season, and for it to be a fun and exciting season.


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