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Aug 16

Trade with Charlotte?

By mbmurr1 Posted in: Blazers, Bobcats
I think we need to make a trade with Charlotte to get our 1st rounder back!
We give Wesley Matthews, Luke Babbitt, Joel Freeland, and a 2013 2nd rounder
Charlotte gives Byron Mullens, our 2013 1st round pick back, and 2015 1st round pick

I feel this is possible because they can use Matthews long term contract, use Luke as a back-up, and use Freeland as a 3rd string center (he showed good promise in the Olympics)  The 2 picks they lose are in the future and they need to win now because they are losing fans and ticket sales are below what they need. They also have way too many centers on their roster as well as several trade worthy pieces.

Charlotte lineup with trade:

PG R. Sessions / K. Walker
SG W. Matthews / B. Gordon / G. Henderson
SF M. Kidd-Gilchrist / L. Babbitt
PF T. Thomas / J. Taylor
C B. Haywood / B. Biyombo / J. Freeland

Players to trade still:   M. Carroll, D. Diop, B. Gordon, G. Henderson, J. Moon, DJ White, R. Williams, I would also trade Haywood at the deadline.

A lot of Blazer fans like Matthews, so do I. We have Will Barton (72 points vs. Under Armour), Elliott Williams (back from surgery) and Nick Batum (nut puncher) who are all needing time at SG. If Wes is not traded now there is not much time for the other guys and their development will be slow. I just think we can use the floor time for the guys mentioned and the draft picks are needed for our future if we want to keep Lamarcus Aldridge in 2015. Because of the way contracts were done L.A., Matthews, Smith, Clavier, Freeland, Barton, Jefferies, and Pavlovic's contracts all expire in 2015, all of which, if we want them will require more money to resign. If we have picks for Matthews and Freeland then it is easier to resign L.A., Barton, and Clavier. I think we should try to get L.A. and Barton to sign extensions in 2014.

What are your thoughts on the teams future with or with out trades?
How do we get by with our draft pick situation and so many contracts expiring at the same time?    
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  1. I think we are giving up too much for some picks and Byron. I would like the idea of getting him but, Gerald Henderson is their leading scorer and then they just traded for Ben Gordan. I dont think they want more Shooting Guards. I would look at trading with Anderson Varejao.

    Wesely Matthews , Joel Freeland , draft rights to Kostas Papanikolau


    Anderson Varejao, Omari Casspi and 2013 first round pick

    Cleveland has AV on the trading block. They are going to get a good Shooting Guard so Dion Waiters can learn and be coming off the bench like he is used to. We get a good back up SF to back up Batum. And a starting Center. Your trade is more realistic though. I doubt Cavs give up their first rounder but stranger things have happened. Your deal is better long term too.

    by Siccolo on 8/16/2012 1:22 PM
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