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Jul 28

We have only six players, possibly five who by league rules, are allowed to be traded. L.A., Matthews, Babbitt, Smith, Williams, and Gadzuric if he has not been waived. I will assume we will keep at least L.A. 14,000,000.00/3 years because he is a cornerstone of the team, Smith 1,365,720.00/3 years  and Williams 1,442,880.00/2 years due to their quality and cheap contracts. This leaves ............... 
Matthews 6,505,320.00/3 years,         
Babbitt 1,892,280.00/2 years,     
Gadzuric 1,352,181.00/1 year

This does not leave much (under 10 million) to work with as far as trades are concerned and we have $0 trade exceptions.    
 I think our team is standing pat without any trades for now, we might sign Przybilla to a 1 year deal.

What are your thoughts?
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