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Jul 24

If you had your choice of any center in the league to trade for, who would you choose, and who would you trade from our team to get that center?
My choices are.......

1. M. Gortat @ 2years/7.258 million from Phoenix
   we give Matthews, Babbitt, Gadzuric, and Pavlovic.
2. T. Mozgov @ 1year/3.1 million   or    K. Koufos @ 3 years/3 million Denver
   we give Babbitt, Gadzuric, and Pavlovic.
3. A. Bargnani @ 3years/10 million Toronto
   we give Matthews, Babbitt, Gadzuric, Pavlovic, and a 2014 second rounder.

Option 1 or 2 are very possible Phoenix could use the extra bodies and Denver's players are both backups, option 3 would be hard to pry free of Toronto thus the second rounder added.
Do you agree with any of these trades or do you have a suggestion of your own?

If you would like to check your trade for legality go to this web site at ESPN trade machine and it will tell you who can be traded from each team and if the trade can be done according to NBA league rules. if nothing else it is very fun............      http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine
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  1. Gadzuric is no longer on our team he was waived a while ago.....
    Well PHO just traded Robin Lopez so Gortat is their main Center.

    Thats is giving too much for Mozgov/ Koufus imo. Wouldnt give more than Babbit and a second rounder.

    I Do Not Want Bargani anywhere close to the Blazers. He does not compliment LAs game at all. He can rebound for his life. And I doubt raptors give him up.

    I would rather go after DeMar Derozan since he is on the market after they drafted Tross. I would try to work a three team trade sending Wes somewhere a good SF to go Toronto and Derozan coming here.

    by Siccolo on 7/25/2012 3:12 PM
  2. I wouldn't select Gortat (despite I'm Polish as he is) I know his game a lot (probably too much so I know all his weaknesses) , despite he's kind a double-double machine (15-10) and he's still developing at 28 his physically limited, he wants to have a bigger role but his ability/potential doesn't oblige him to feel like this, he's trying to be a popper but he's very inconsistent from 15-17 feet and nearly all of his good pick'n'roll plays he indepts to genius of Nash @Phoenix. He's a typical utility player which we can easily find in Leonard if he develops as he should.

    by Hoop#22 on 7/28/2012 9:39 AM
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