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Jul 16

Tough Choice?

By mbmurr1 Posted in: Blazers, NicolasBatum
I thought I heard the management say "we are going to match any offer for Batum". Why wait if we are going to match? Unless we are trying to sign another player. I don't see any real reason to wait unless we are trying to see if Minnesota will pull their offer off the table as we did with Hibbert. Either sign him or let him go then use the cap space to sign a replacement, or make a magical trade because you are the great Olshey right? One thing is for sure whoever signs Batum needs to realize the pressure he will be under this season from both teammates and fans to live up to such a huge contract. My thoughts are that we should probably let him go, I think we should have taken the offer that was on the table and put the problem of jealousy between teammates on the Timberwolves plate instead of on ours as most Blazer fans think this will turn out. I like Batum but not at 12.5 million a year, I don't think I like LA that much, I don't think any athlete is worth that much money. One injury away from being human is what I see. Feed some hungry people or buy some kids some shoes, but the price tag for unproven athletes is out of control. Thoughts? 
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