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Oct 05

Fan Fest 2009

By Melissa Posted in: Blazers, Melissa

The Fan Fest was the fantastic kickoff to what’s going to be a Rose Garden rock in season! We could hear the noise and feel the energy from our dressing room as 16,500 fans filled the Garden at 5 o’clock.  By 6pm the Garden was packed and fans were on their feet! I can’t tell you how excited all the girls and I were to dance for the first time between the 2nd and 3rd quarters to Tush. The crowd was terrific as they cheered louder then ever before. I will tell you that this season will make the history books, if not only for the wins but for the passion of the team, fans and organization.  Go Blazers.

My favorite moment at Fan Fest:  Dancing with superfans, Bruce and Rolia, and Bruce (70 something yrs old) promising the girls that he would try to kick just as high during the choreographed kick-line! He did it…and in sox!

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