Jul 05

Free Agency Goals

By BJLinehan
There have been a lot of new developments for the Blazers of late in free agency. The new word on the line is that Batum wants to be a T-Wolf. He wants a sign-and-trade possibly to have it happen. He wants to play there. He doesn't particularly want to be here. If a sign-and-trade is the best we can get for him then take it! We need more wings. Damien Lillard is a great addition. I went to college with him, and i watched him play. He is a BEAST. He can score with anyone. He cannot however do it alone. Matthews is a good shooter, and finisher as well, but with Batum and Crawford leaving we need more players! 

Word is that Roy Hibbert will be a Blazer. With Aldridge, Hibbert, and hopefully by some miracle Batum we would have a stacked front court. To be honest i really like Meyers Leonard as a backup big. Our frontcourt can be pretty good with Roy and Lamarcus  

There are still a few wing players not yet signed that could be huge helps to the Blazers. Brandon Roy has already decided on the T-Wolves :(. 
Nick Young is still out there. From all signs so far he will not be resigned by Clippers. He could add some shooting and size. 
My personal favorite person of intrest is OJ Mayo. I think he is a scoring machine. On the wing with Damien and the bigs they could wreak havoc on opposing defenses. 
Shannon Brown, Damion James, Danny Green, and some others could fill out some other spots. 

I'm no GM or coach. However i feel like there is a certain type of player we need to put our bigs and rookies in a postion to win the most games, and compete in the playoffs!!


  1. Well if portland lands Hibbert then I would Match Batum. If we dont get Hibbert, then I would SnT for Pekovik/Ridnour and Derrick Williams. I would look at Mcgee or the Lopez brothers if Indiana matches the Hibbert offer.
    Batum or Dwill/Claver
    HIbbert or Mcgee or Lopez/ Leonard

    THis is what Portland roster is probably going to look like this season.

    by Siccolo on 7/6/2012 12:07 AM
  2. If they don't sign Hibbert i think i would then sign and trade for Pecovic and hopefully a guy like Derrick Williams. Then they could keep a big, young, talented front court. I've heard a bit of Rumor that maybe Portland would trade for Andre Iguodala which would be amazing to get a distributing, driving wing. Then Lillard wouldn't need to get as many assists and can be more of a scoring guard.

    by BJLinehan on 7/6/2012 2:26 PM
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