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Jul 03

The 6th trade

By darinmydad Posted in: LaMarcusAldridge
In my last article I wrote about 5 trades, but I also wrote that I would write a full article about the sixth trade. This trade will make the Nets spectacular. The Nets trade Brooke Lopez, Kris Humpries and 3 first round picks for Dwight Howard. This would also most likely land them Deron Williams. This would give them a big three so good that they could match the Heat's big three. Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Gerald Wallace, a PF, and Dwight Howard would make one of the best starting five in the NBA. They could easily be a 2-4 seed in the east. If this trade happened than they could contend for titles for at least 5 years. It only took 2 years for Miami to win a title. I think it would only take two to three years for this team to bring Brooklyn its first championship since the Dodgers played here. This would make them the team of the future.


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