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Jul 02

The yesses and the nos of the NBA draft

By darinmydad
 Overall, this past NBA draft had so much talent that a potential lottery pick went 28 to Oklahoma City. (Perry Jones III) There were many good selections and a lot of bad selections. There are many teams that had great drafts. Now, Im going to tell you three teams that got a yes and three teams that got a no to the question, did they have a good draft?


New Orleans Hornets:
 How could I not put the team that got the next Tim Duncan and the best coach in the league's son at the top of my list. Anthony davis can turn into some one with Serge Ibaka's defense and Tim Duncans offense. Just imagine that. You want to know how many teams in the league would take that player. 30! Plus you have Austin Rivers who, if treated right, can become the next Dwayne Wade. Spectacular!

Washington Wizards:
 Yes, yes. I know that the wizards absolutely suck and how much can Beal help? The answer to that question is a lot! He can become a much more athletic Ray Allen. He could easily become the second biggest steal in draft history behind Michael Jordan. Imagine Wall, Beal, Ariza, Nene, and Okafor. That could easily be a playoff team. 

 Golden State Warriors: 
 They got the biggest boom or bust pick in the draft, but I didnt see one mock draft, including my own, that had him slipping past Sacramento. If he turns out right he will be considered a huge steal. They could also use him in a potential deal for Dwight Howard. This pick could make them playoff contenders for the next few years. No matter what the scenario.


 Cleavland Cavaliers:
 Is it just me or does seem like god hates Cleavland? They choose a six man and a center that went 17th. Dion Waiters might turn into a scorer and Tyler Zeller might become a Brooke Lopez, but the more likely scenario is that they are both just ok and they become wasted draft picks. I honestly can't remember the last good think that happened to Cleavland since David Stern announced Kyrie Irving's name.

 Charlotte Bobcats:
 People will read this and think I'm crazy. There is only person I would have pick over Beal and it wasnt Kidd-Gilchrist. Gilchrist has good energy and defense, but beal can do the one thing Charlotte needs, score!!!! Would you rather have a scorer or an energy guy? Scorer. Flashback:  David Stern: Charlotte Bobcats select Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. Me: There goes MJ, messing up another pick. 

 Toronto Raptors:
 Another Toronto FAIL!!!!! Terence Ross?!?!?! REALLY?!?!?! If you wanted a shooting guard so bad, why wouldn't you take Austin Rivers or Jeremy Lamb? I mean, he played in a horrible conference. He probably should have gone to houston with one of their picks. If they really wanted Steve Nash they would haver gotten somebody he would want to play with.

  Those are the teams with the three best and the three worst drafts this year. I personally believe that this could be one of the drafts ever.
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