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Jun 30

My thoughts in free agency.    1. Illasova 4 years 5 million per mid level, 2. Billups 2 years 2 million per,  3. Thabeet (cheap offer 3 million a year) 4 years, 4. Flynn (offer 2 million a year) 2years, 5. Przybilla (cheap) 1 year 1 million, 6. Hickson 4-5 years 5 million per mid level, 7. Batum 4-5 years 8 million per. If we sign these players we have Pg Lillard/Billups/Flynn/Smith  Sg Matthews/Williams/Barton Sf Batum/ Illasova/Babbitt  Pf Aldridge/Hickson/Smith  C Leonard/Thabeet/Przybilla/Thomas              then... we look to see who we want the most and trade the rest in order to get our lineup down to 13.         I think the odd men out are Smith/Smith/Matthews/Thomas at a total of about 10 million per year, we look to trade them for future draft picks, and I do think Smith/Smith and Matthews are desirable to a lot of teams. I think S. Williams will have to be bought out at some point..... or ?
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